Excellence - Get Back to School


Full opening of schools in the fall - students can't afford to waste any more time

No relaxation of academic standards - graduation without education is pointless

All hands on deck - all available funds and resources need to be focused on bringing students back to grade level after a year of remote learning.

Keep Remote Options - for those who really need them

Keep Advanced Learning Options - students thrive with appropriate challenges

Keep Kids Safe


No excuses - Safety has to be the absolute number one priority

No Tolerance Policy - Enact policy requiring the immediate removal of vagrants from school property with private security if the City of Seattle will not act.

Send the bill - to Jenny Durkan for failing to protect children.  SPS is not a police department.

Keep Calm - same discipline for same behavior, respect teachers, maintain classroom decorum

Keep Healthy - keep reasonable precautions in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19, no masks for kids

Equality in Education

Maximize Equality - apply resources based on need not identity stereotypes

Minimize Disparity - don't treat kids differently because of their skin color or identity.

Maximize Equality - by maximizing freedom of movement between schools.

Minimize Disparity - by allowing funds to follow students to any school they chose. No student should be trapped in a school that doesn't meet their needs.

Maximize Success - by focusing on individual ability and responsibility

Minimize Failure - by providing support and resources to all students who need them

Maximize Freedom - no student should be subjected to political indoctrination

Maximize Unity - everyone is human, and that's what matters, not race

Minimize Division - stop focusing on race and viewing everything through a racial lens

Maximize Flexibility - keep remote learning options where practical