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Excellence not Indoctrination
Stop labeling students by "privilege"
Stereotyping is always wrong

"By the content of their character not the color of their skin"

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I’m running for Seattle School Board, district 5, because I want every child to know they can succeed, that they are not defined or limited by group identity and they can accomplish whatever they can dream, having received an excellent education.

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Back to School

The good intentions of parents and teachers have been hijacked by a radical ideology. Fighting bias is an ongoing effort, but you can't fight bias with more bias.  Time spent teaching a distorted negative view of American history in order to justify racially "differentiated resource allocation" (otherwise known as racial preferences) today wastes educational time and dollars and divides children and communities.  We must provide resources and support based on need, not based on racial or other identity stereotypes. SPS policy is to go "beyond equality" to "differentiating resource allocation" based on race - but this is always wrong, and teaches the wrong lesson.  Students deserve schools that value their individual identity and that focus 100% on knowledge and skill that will enable them to thrive in their communities and succeed in a competitive world.

Dan Harder


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